Birmingham, AL


Quarry Crusher Run Birmingham

Location: Vulcan Materials Dolcito Quarry

2101 Pinson Valley Parkway, Tarrant City, AL 35217 

Proceeds benefit Tarrant City Schools


Join us at the Dolcito Quarry, a hillside quarry where you start in the middle, run to the top then to the bottom! It’s the only Crusher in our series that doesn’t start at the top. You’ll experience 700′ in elevation change on this route.

REGISTRATION PRICE (includes official t-shirt and finisher’s medal)
Quarry Crusher Run (approx. 4.2 miles) – $40
Double Crusher Run (approx. 7.4 miles) – $50


Discounts ($10) available for first responders, military, teachers, students, and participants ages 12-18.

  • Active and Retired Military use code MILITARY
  • First Responders use code RESPONDERS
  • Students and under 18 use code STUDENT
  • Teachers use code TEACHER
The Quarry Crusher Run is a national series and we offer discounts for runners who participate in more than one race, EXCLUSIVE 3X Medals for anyone completing three or more in one year.
Register for TWO or MORE and receive 35% OFF!


Special discounts and t-shirts just for your team!
CLICK HERE for Team Rules and Regs!


  • Start time – 8 a.m. for Quarry Crusher and Double Crusher
  • All race distances are approximate. Because this is a working quarry, the terrain is always changing.
  • Walkers are welcome. All participants must complete the race by 10 a.m.
  • T-shirts guaranteed only for participants registered two weeks prior to race day
  • For their safety and yours, no dogs and no strollers allowed
  • All participants must be 12 and older