Merritt’s New Year Playlist

I love listening to music when I run. I don’t always do it, sometimes I like the silence, but when I do, I usually follow the same template for music tempos. I firmly believe (and there are a lot of experts who agree with me) that you have to control the first half of any…

Quarry Eats! Kale Salad Deliciousness

Kale Salad with Almonds and Squash Everywhere you turn, there are diet tricks and tips for becoming a better and more fit runner – or person for that matter. Quarry Eats is here to bring you really great, healthy recipes that will cut a few calories and pack in the right nutrients for proper training…

5 training Tips for the Quarry Crusher Run

Top 5 training tips for the Quarry Crusher
By Alex McDonald

My name is Alex and I guess you can say I am an official Quarry Crusher veteran, since I’ve done the Columbia, SC event four times. I even stepped up and did the double in 2015. That’s probably diagnostic of some severe psychopathology, which is convenient since I’m also a psychiatrist and an author of a blog documenting my “illness” ( They are also offering events in Birmingham, Atlanta and Baltimore in 2016, so you guys better get ready. Here are some quick “tips”.