Welcome to the Vulcan Quarry Crusher Run


Rock the race like no other:

Vulcan Quarry Crusher Run National Series

You want the challenge of making it down steep declines into the earth and climbing back up to the top.

You live for the places running can take you—private, off-the-beaten-path and off-limits to the general public.

You’re motivated by amazing landscapes, making memories (and possibly taking selfies with giant earth-moving vehicles).

The Vulcan Quarry Crusher Run is for you!

Click on each city* below for REGISTRATION, location, packet pick-up, team info and more:

Sign up for a Single Crusher (around 3.7 miles) or the Double Crusher (7.4 miles)** and run the only race series in the U.S. that gives you access to working quarries.

Once you’re in, the route winds down an average 10% grade (as much as 18% in areas), taking you past granite cliffs to the quarry floor.

But that’s just the half of it.

The 400-600 foot ascent from the quarry floor to the finish** makes this grueling event one of the nation’s most challenging foot races.

Can you handle it? Get to the bottom and find out!

*Don’t see your area on the list? We’re adding events, so check back soon!

**All distances are approximate. Due to the ever-changing landscape at quarry sites, distances will vary.

Sign up for a city near you and show us that you can rock the quarry.


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